Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Because God is Awesome

No new news in terms of situations.  No families we are currently presenting to.

But that doesn't mean that we aren't seeing God answer prayers and reminding us that He is in this.

A couple of weeks ago, Cody and I had been talking about changing up our profile book.  This is the book that the expectant mother and family looks at when deciding which family they would like to place their baby with for adoption.  After we got a few "no's", it made us question what is wrong with us?

Should we put in more action pictures?  Do we look like a fun family?  Are we coming across as loving?

What could we change to make us more appealing to the birth families?

We had discussed this with each other, but hadn't shared it with others.

I had also been praying that God would send me an encouragement of some sort to remind me that He is with us.  Because let's face it, I was just feeling a little down.

On May 4th, we were pulling out of the church parking lot and I noticed a new Facebook message on my phone from a friend who knew nothing of our thoughts on changing our profile book.

Hey Breanna - I'm sharing a video with you from a mom who attends our MOPS group.  Her story is so hard and so beautiful all at the same time and I hope it will give you hope as you continue through your adoption journey.

I talked to her yesterday and was telling her about you.  Se asked if you had presented your book yet and I told her several times.  She said "I know she (you) may be feeling like you've done something wrong, that maybe there is something in your book that needs to be changed."   But she wanted me to tell you "not to change a thing, because the thing you think you should change might be the one thing that connects with the mother that God has been preparing for your family."  I don't know if you've struggled with those thoughts at all, but if so I hope her testimony will give hope.

I'm praying for your journey.

Seriously, how awesome is that?!

I am writing this blog partly to journal our story and partly as a hope that it is an encouragement to others that God answers prayers.  He is not a distant grandpa hanging out in a rocking chair watching our lives pass by like we watch a movie.  He is ever present and ever faithful to finish the plan He has started for us.  I read this verse this morning and thought the timing was perfect to wrap up this blog post.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.  Isaiah 55:8-9