Sunday, March 27, 2016

More Than A Quilt

I (Cody) walked up and she said, "I would like to make your family a quilt for your adoption."


Yes the quilt is beautiful, but I was referring to the thought. We were so humbled to see yet another person offer their time and talent to  help us bring home baby Brumley #3. To do their part in orphan care. To partner with us on this journey as many of you have through prayer, gifts, hugs, encouragement and more.

But a quilt?! Never saw that coming. So unique...and so fitting for how God works. In ways you never see coming but are EXACTLY the right thing.

Let me explain.

Dana Cantrell works at First Baptist Jenks with me. She has more than a knack for quilting. She's a straight artist. And would be mad that I'm bragging on her (don't worry Dana, this is about how amazing it is when we are obedient to God...wether adopting or making a quilt...and how God gets the glory). She offered to make a quilt to help us raise funds.

God's Church.

This is it! People offering what they have to help others be obedient to what God is calling them to. To help a child be raised, a birth mom be loved and God get the glory.

She asked what we had in mind and we told her we love God's word, so scripture would be great. And maybe something with a cross because that's what it's about. We are all spiritual orphans adopted in to Gods family by the sacrifice of Jesus. The cross is where that transaction happened. We loved the idea of a family being able to cuddle up under God's word and the cross.

God's Timing.

So Dana comes across a cross idea that is mezmorizing and she thinks she could bring it to life. Then while walking through Wal-Mart, where she always walks through the fabrics just to see if there's anything she might need for a project, she sees the perfect fabric. A roll filled with scripture and quotes about family. She had never seen it before, yet it was right where she couldn't miss it.

Just like God to provide the perfect pieces at the perfect time in the perfect place.

God's Redemption.

Dana began beautifully matching square after square to create the cross and the reminder that the gospel dispels darkness. Where did these squares come from? Most came from unused fabrics of previous projects. Mainly quilts she or her mom had made.

The ones that didn't fit in one place were exactly what was needed for this project. Cast aside for whatever reason and then redeemed to be precisely where they should be to tell the story of the cross.

I can relate.

Cast aside because of my sin. Separated from the relationship with God I was designed for. But then God redeemed me. Took care of the penalty of sin by placing it on Jesus. Now I get to be sewn in to a story that matters.

God's Adoption.

A quilt is many parts of fabrics combined to be one item. Not accidentally created but artistically orchestrated. Each piece cut, crafted and stitched with others until completion.

Our family has been stitched together perfectly in God's plan and now another piece will be crafted just for us. Stitched to us. Not an extra piece, but a piece that has always belonged. What we experience in adoption through salvation, our family will physically experience. (Imagine me making a hand signal like my brain is exploding and saying "boooom"...mind blowing)

God's Provision

Dana has it all organized and is sharing the story of how a quilt will be a symbol of God's heart for the Fatherless, when someone surprises her by sharing they would pay to have the stitching done. The stitching is intricate and strategic. It had to be done right and would cost extra. God once again supplied.

Since giving God our "yes" He has provided over and over. Dana has seen this as well. And it is amazing every time.

God's Story

The quilt is now complete. Immaculate. Moving. More than a quilt.

She brought it to the office to give to me The staff there at the time prayed over the quilt. More so, they prayed over my family, the baby we believe God will bring us, and the GENERATIONS this quilt will impact. Yes, generations. Made to last and made to tell of God's story for years to come.

God is good.

I tell you the story because it deserves to be told. How it will end we don't know yet. We will auction the quilt off through this Facebook group here:
Adoption Quilt Silent Auction

(The group is open now and the auction will actually take place April 4 through April 9. Details are on the group page if you are interested in following along or being a part of this event.)

Regardless of amount raised, the quilt has accomplished its purpose. It has displayed the gospel. Displayed the church. Displayed the beauty of adoption. Blessed our family to just be a part of its story. It is more than a quilt.

Now to find and stitch in our missing piece.

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